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Elective Opportunities

Art 2.0
Express your creative side and use your imagination to create original masterpieces.

Want to drain 3’s like Steph Curry? Join our high level coaches and work on dribbling, passing, shooting and much more.

Bring your own Nerf guns-the kind that take orange-tipped blue darts. We’ll supply the darts, you come ready to build forts and be pushed beyond limits!

Join our professional chef as he teaches not only how to cook but the basic principles of the science of cooking.  Experience hands on ways to cook favorite foods as well as other fun items from grilled PB&J sandwiches to homemade pizza made on the grill.

Chess (4th-6th only)
Learn the logic behind one of the best board games of all time. 

Edible Art
Learn how to prepare, bake, and decorate different cakes and pastries, as well as enjoy learning the basics of baking.

Building with some of the newest and coolest technology.

The science and fun behind aviation.

Musical Theater
Learn the art behind theater and production.

Hip Hop
You will learn the newest dance moves to the latest, coolest music.  What a great way to start the summer.




Martial Arts
Learn the basics of martial arts and bully prevention taught by Mr. Tom Allemier, a 5th degree black belt and owner of the Rowlett ATA Academy. By the end of the week, kids will have developed a new level of confidence, be more aware of their surroundings and even be able to break boards.

Want to blow something up?  Want to discover a new theory?  Come learn some fun, basic science principles in a controlled environment and see science in a different way.

Want to bend the ball like Beckham? Come develop your dribbling, juggling, passing, and shooting skills with our high-level coaches.

Sun and volleyball.  What else needs to be said?

U6 (PreK and K) Program
This program is for children age 4 (by Sept 1, 2020) – Kinder. During this fun-filled, high-energy program, children rotate in pre-assigned, mixed-gender groups to a variety of activities including Sports, Crafts, Bounce Houses, Goof Off Games, and Bible Story. The time spent together in these activities enables kids to develop close friendships with other campers and their leader.

Goof Off Games
All of our campers get to participate in this time to let children be children, to have fun, play and enjoy being kids. These usually involve water.

Experiential Games
These fun games are a hands on approach in teaching the Bible message of the day.